NYC gives the green light to the building of apartments with a ‘poor door’ for tenants living in affordable housing

Yay!!! I always wanted to go thru the poor door!

As someone born and raised in the ghetto of Brooklyn who is now seeing the way big Real Estate is bullying low/er income tenants…  This  makes me sick.  Why? Because this is the reality we are seeing live and in living color in Williamsburg Brooklyn… Call it what you want.  Continue to give it a nice lil media spin… This is segregation!!!

This feels wrong!  This is wrong! This is belittling…

Source: Daily Mail UK

  • The City approved a proposal from Extell, a prominent NYC developer, to install a separate door for tenants living in affordable housing units to enter the building
  • Extell applied for the Inclusionary Housing Program, which allows developer to construct bigger properties if the property includes affordable units for less-wealthy tenants
  • Extell’s application met with considerable backlash when it was initially proposed in August 2013

By Kirk Maltais

The City of New York approved a proposal by one of the largest real estate developers in the city to build in a ‘poor door’, or a separate door for residents living in affordable housing to enter their building.

According to a Saturday report from the New York Post, the city approved the application of Extell, one of the most prominent developers in New York, to install this separate set of doors into a high-rise located on 40 Riverside Boulevard, a location situated next to the Hudson River.

Extell’s proposal allows them to force affordable housing tenants to walk through an entrance located in a back alley behind the building to enter, leaving the more prominent front entrance for tenants paying for nicer apartments.

A view of the high-rises lining Riverside Boulevard, in New York. The city has approved an application by prominent developer Extell to install a 'poor door', or a separate door for tenants living in affordable housing to enter the building through

Under the Inclusionary Housing Program, for which the city approved Nextell’s application, larger properties are allowed to be built as long as they include a portion of affordable housing units.

For the 40 Riverside Boulevard location, 55 units will be designated as affordable housing, all units facing the street. Another 219 units will face the river.

A spokesman for the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development confirmed that the agency had approved Extell’s application for the Inclusionary Housing Program.

Despite the approval of this application, the New York Post reports that Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer vowed to reject future developments with separate entrances.

Extell applied to the Inclusionary Housing program in August 2013, which drew the ire of many critics, including Christine Quinn, who was running for Mayor at the time. Quinn called for a change of laws to force developers to provide common entrances for all occupants.

However, some developers dismiss the outcry over the ‘poor door’ concept.

‘No one ever said that the goal was full integration of these populations,’ David Von Spreckelsen, senior vice president at Toll Brothers, another developer specializing in luxury residencies, told The Real Deal in 2013. ‘So now you have politicians talking about that, saying how horrible those back doors are. I think it’s unfair to expect very high-income homeowners who paid a fortune to live in their building to have to be in the same boat as low-income renters, who are very fortunate to live in a new building in a great neighborhood.’

Toll Brothers developed the high-rise at 1 Northshore Pier, a luxury building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This building purpotedly includes a ‘poor door.’

Pope Francis Found Guilty Of Child Trafficking, Rape, Murder

for the children…  for children’s souls, for the child spirit that has been wounded.  May the angelic vibration heal & protect you.

this is such a difficult topic to post about…  and I am sick to my stomach as I make myself push the PUBLISH button.

Please use discernment and don’t listen to this while the lil kiddies are around.


Written by Judy Byington

Yesterday defendants Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. Five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels determined that the crimes occurred as recently as 2010. Since last March over 48 eyewitnesses have come forward to testify before this ICLCJ Court about the defendants’ activities as members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult.

The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult was said to do child sacrifices at Roman Catholic cathedrals in Montreal, New York, Rome, Scotland, London, Carnarvon Castle in Wales, an undisclosed French Chateau in Holland and at Canadian Catholic and Anglican Indian residential schools in Kamloops, British Columbia and Brantford, Ontario Canada. The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult was believed to use privately owned forest groves in the US, Canada, France and Holland for their “Human Hunting Parties” for global elites including members of European royal families. Teens were said to be obtained by the mafia, then stripped naked, raped, hunted down and killed. The Chief Prosecutor stated. “The Catholic Church is the world’s largest corporation and appears to be in collusion with the mafia, governments, police and courts worldwide.”

Two adolescent women told the ICLCJ Court that Pope Francis raped them while participating in child sacrifices. Eight other eyewitnesses confirmed their allegations of being witness to rape and child sacrifices. The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult were said to take place during the Springs of 2009 and 2010 in rural Holland and Belgium.

Pope Francis was also found to be a perpetrator in satanic child sacrifice rites while acting as an Argentine priest and Bishop according to a sealed document obtained from the Vatican archives. A second record dated Dec. 25 1967 called the Magisterial Privilege was said to show that every new Pope was required to participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult ritual sacrifices of newborn children, including drinking their blood. The documents were presented to the ICLCJ Court by a prominent Vatican official and a former Vatican Curia employee.

Last month an investigator for the Irish Garda Police Force testified before the five judges and 27 jury members that marks on the bones of nearly 796 children found in an Irish Roman Catholic Nun septic tank indicated they had been ritually killed. The witness testified that forensic experts had confirmed the decapitation and dismemberment of the babies in the mass grave resembled the usual signs of ritualistic murder or child sacrifice.

BBC documentary exposed a fifty-year scandal of child trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain. Over 300,000 babies were stolen from their parents up to the 1990s. Mothers were told their babies died and were buried in mass graves. The Catholic Church was said to have made $20 billion dollars on the adoptions.

Another witness testified that they were present during Pope Francis’ meetings with the military Junta during Argentine’s 1970′s Dirty War. According to the witness, Pope Francis helped traffic 30,000 children of missing political prisoners into an international child exploitation ring run by an office at the Vatican.

An ABC News special hinted that the devil resided at the Vatican. “Documents from Vatican secret archives presented to court clearly indicate that for centuries the Jesuits had a premeditated plan to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood,” the ICLCJ Court Chief Prosecutor told the five international judges and 27 jury members. “The plan was born of a twisted notion to derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.”

An ongoing and permanent inquiry was organized to investigate and prosecute others involved in possible crimes uncovered at the ICLCJ Court. On September 1 2014 an inquiry was scheduled to begin entitled the Permanent Commission into Child Trafficking and Ritual Sacrifice. Further litigation was expected to follow.

The 48 eyewitnesses identified their perpetrators as Catholic Popes Francis Bergoglio, John Paul II and Joseph Ratzinger; Anglican, United Church of Canada and Catholic Church officials including Cardinals and Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon; the UK’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and High Court Justice Judge Fulford; in the Netherlands: Dutch and Belgian cardinals and royals including Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard, King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, Queen Beatrix, her father and vice-Roy, Prince Johan Friso and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit, former ministers, the top man of the Dutch army force and the under secretary of the Raad van State; officials of the Canadian, Australian, UK and US military and governments including the USA’s CIA, plus prominent government ministers, judges, politicians and businessmen of the US, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland and the UK.

Arrest warrants on People v. Bergoglio et all were issued on July 19 2014. Court records would remain sealed for now according to yesterday’s ITCCS press release. The first ICLCJ Court regarded 50,000 missing Canadian native children and ended in Feb. 2013 guilty verdicts for 40 global elites including Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were convicted in the disappearance of ten native children from the Kamloops residential school in British Columbia on October 10 1964. Parents haven’t seen their children since. The litigation also appeared to result in Pope Ratzinger’s resignation. Evidence from those cases could be found in Kevin Annett’s “Hidden No Longer“.

The ICLCJ International Court has over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Organizing funds were available for common law groups wishing to apply. To contact the ITCCS, ICLCJ Court in Brussels, its local affiliates, or to volunteer, email or call:,, 386-323-5774 (USA) or  250-591-4573 (Canada).

About the Author
Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired, author of “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities” ( is a retired therapist, Public Speaker, Activist and investigative journalist whose articles on international child exploitation rings have been cited on hundreds of blogs and websites. The ex-Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health and Director Provo Family Counseling Center is the CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau ( If you have news tips about child abuse issues please email Judy You are invited to sign our petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children by clicking here:

Speak Your Truth

Originally posted on La Shamanessa:


So many times we hold back from speaking up or speaking our truths. So many times we swallow our words either thru intimidation or to be the bigger person…

but what are we doing with that energy we swallowed and didn’t release? Where is it? Where does it go? What happens?

Well sometimes resentment starts to build or we start feeling small and powerless or perhaps we feel like its a great sacrifice of love to “keep quiet”….

but if it is affecting you. If in those quiet moments you feel some shame about not speaking up, please look closer for this is a clue.

Your resistance is a clue. It tells you to look here. It is asking you to look at it. Be with your truth. And send love and gratitude to your truth. If you are ready to release it… Speak your truths in front of the…

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Stewart Swerdlow | Reptilians, Atlantis, Hybridization, & The Hollow Earth

Very interesting conversation…

Source: TheHighersideChats

Published on Jul 11, 2014

Is modern humanity the product of the Atlantian’s hybridization program? Do our legends of hell and demons below stem from the Reptilians retreat into the Hollow Earth after the last great cataclysm? Who were the Lumerians?

These are the questions, and more that I had for Stewart Swerdlow, a big name on the conspiracy circuit and a wealth of alternative info that he’s been privy to due to his deep personal and family connections to both the inner circles of the United States and Russian governments as well as the KGB.

Stewart starts us off with a brief history of the Reptilians as well as our origins in the Lumerian star system. He talks about the secret timeline of our own solar system, how the moon arrived at it’s current location, planets that have been lost to history, and early extraterrestrial power struggles for Earth.

We also talk about the plans of the modern day Reptilians and the Illuminati, the secret deals between governments and alien races, and much much more!

Stewart’s Website:

DHS uses Berkeley, CA template to overthrow USA — Gangstalking, EMF, Grid Changes

Chemtrails and more.   We are being killed slowly and intentionally… :(


please note… use discernment. ask questions.  we are posting videos with the intention to provoke conversations and inspire the right actions.  Our world is under many layers of attack while the masses are distracted by movies, cel phones, computers, social media, celebrity gossip, and sports for example.

Please take a moment in your day and empower yourself with more information.  A time may come in the near future where we will have to come together (neighbors, family, strangers, and more) for the sake of survival.  ~ la shamanessa


Facebook is Restricting My Event Invites… Can you help me?

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I will not give up

I will not give in

I will continue with grace

cause love always triumphs…

my dearest siblings..

Facebook is restricting the number of people I can personally invite to this 29 Days of The Gratitude Movement event. I have about 3000 more people I can invite on my list and now I am BLOCKED. Can you help me? This event is helping to shift and change lives & its FREE…
*Next event starts July 1st, 2014.


Perhaps I am getting blocked so that I can reach out in a public way and ask for help and say…  Perhaps this is happening because the universe will open up another way, a bigger platform for this 29 Days of Gratitude: Love Lives Here to be shared with others.

To my surprise, this event has received the most beautiful authentic testimonies I have witnessed… 

See below…

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Is your inner wolf howling? ah ooooo

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Have you been feeling like there is a wolf waking up inside you?

I can feel it in my soul and in my bones.

It’s a howling that comes from a deep very deep place within each and everyone of us…

It’s a howling of the oppressed, depressed, suppressed, of all the isms, and wrongs in this world.

It is a howling that comes from the depths of our souls from a place so deep that at first the howling goes unnoticed…

It is such a low sounding howl, it is inaudible. One has to sit still and allow silence, before you can feel this cry…

And if you allow yourself to tune in and tap in, you can feel this howling vibration come over you.

It is a howl that says, “no more, enough already”,

The howling has always been there. Except now its more noticeable. Now its harder…

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