Beauty Starts With Me Part #2 on Cafecito Break

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Our topic today: Beauty Starts With Me Part 2…

In today’s conversation, Ruthie and Rosangel will share what led them to leave a career and a healthy paycheck to pursure a more authentic empowering life filled with beauty, holism, health, and wisdom. They both became certified holistic health coaches and graduates on IIN, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Learn why this step was so pivotal in their journey and why we believe that we can all benefit from having a “coach”, a “buddy”, and/or a friend when we are looking to take empowering steps in our lives… #beautystartswithme

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“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”
~ Kate Angell, Squeeze Play

Recorded earlier: Cafecito Break Hosts Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten talk about “Beauty Starts With Me”  Please click the link that follows to listen to our show.



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Expansions News – Robin Williams “Suicide”, Michael Brown Shooting, Jail Outbreak In Ukraine

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Published on Aug 17, 2014
Stewart and Janet Swerdlow discuss Robin Williams, the situation in Missouri, the upcoming winter and much more! Stories covered include:

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Expansions News – San Francisco Earthquake, Pope Francis “Dying”, Bullet Bucket Challenge

We love the Swerdlows, their insights, and the points of views and questions they bring up about current events.

This is they way of new journalism.. and its coming from folks like us.  Many of us are leaving the old archaic corporate news system behind… In the mean time, we need to be very discerning.  Trust your gut.  Trust your heart.


Remembering Robin Williams – His Laughter & His Authenticity

Recorded Earlier…  Cafecito Break, hosts Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten pay tribute to Robin Williams…

We invite you to listen.  Created with love.

or click on the link below to listen to the Blog Talk Radio Show Archive…–remembering-robin-williams-his-laughter-his-authenticity


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RIP Robin Williams “That the Powerful Play Goes on & You May Contribute a Verse…”

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Ah, Mr. Robin Williams…  another one gone too soon…


Feeling sad… and feeling the sadness of people as they learn about the news that Robin Williams has passed away.

an apparent suicide… that part stings and hurts like hell.

how can it be that someone who brought so much laughter to millions around the world meets his end this way? Was there no one he could turn to?

it makes it very real. it hits home in a way that crushes. Is his death more important than any other? NO…

but his legacy and what he is and has created is one to be remembered and honored.   

When I think of Robin Williams, I think of all the movies he has done… how diverse and humble and caring and real he was. He was the kind of comedian that opened you up…. he was able to reach that…

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