Habits That Steal Your Happiness – Our Latest Cafecito Chat

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Show topic inspired by an article written by Angel Chernoff, (MarcAndAngelHacklife) – 10 Little Habits That Steal Your Happiness.

Thank you Angel for such an inspiring article. ;-)

Link to the article: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/11/10-little-habits-steal-happiness.html

Lets Give Peace a Chance…

Originally posted on La Shamanessa :

You deserve peace.  
She deserves peace.  
He deserves peace.  
They deserve peace.
We all deserve peace.  

One by one we can add a lil bit more peace into our lives….

how do you start, you ask?
Start with affirming out loud, “I set the intention to create a peaceful moment for myself each day”

What time of day you ask? 
Try this in the am…  Feel your breath.  Place your hand over your heart.  Allow yourself to feel.  

What’s the next step?
Get up and do it… Try it now.

This is your world. You create it with your thoughts, your words, your actions.  
You create with with what you do

In the words of John Lennon Let’s “Give Peace a Chance”

Give Peace a Chance Lyrics…

Two, one two three four

Everybody’s talking about
Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism

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Be Brooklyn



I am the spice
the strut
the walk
the attitude
you love
and hate so much

I am tough and pretty
refined and gritty
I am the accent
that you recognize
and adore
wherever I go…

I sound like a mobster from Brooklyn, you say?

Talk Brooklyn
Be Brooklyn
Are you Brooklyn

Wow, Brooklyn…

This land is rapidly changing
and replacing so many like me…
You love what we’ve done with the place
now you’re pushing us away
feels like you are raping our land

who’s protecting Brooklyn
the cycle keeps repeating
and I can’t keep myself from screaming…
this shit is fucked up!!!

You love Brooklyn?
Wanna be Brooklyn?
But you come and change Brooklyn?!!!
Wanna Upgrade to fake?

not happening….
that’s not what BK is about…

Some tell me…

a dying

Am I?
Are We?

I hope not…

#brooklynlivesinme #brooklyn #thisismybrooklyn #iambrooklyn

Image location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Think Different…


Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the home of Cafecito Break and often we (members of the Cafecito Break family) love to take pictures of images, art work, graffiti, etc that we see on the street.

Messages are EVERYWHERE…


Tips for Better Sleep

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Topic – Tips for Better Sleep

Article Referenced in the Show -

37 Scientifically-Backed Tips For Better Sleep Tonight


Apache Blessing

may the sun

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(artist for image unknown)

This is my Brooklyn…

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It is more than just a place.  And we need to preserve its essence, it’s grit, its charm…

This page is meant to be a resource for community news and events.
Here’s to keeping Brooklyn alive.

Please share. If you are a business owner, tell us about your business, have a special event, share it with us. If you are an artist, share your work… If you represent an organization, share…
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This page is about community…

Embracing the new and preserving the old. Finding a beautiful balance. Any slanderous comments will be removed right away.


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Some suggestions from Irma StarSpirit for Honoring/Remembering Your Ancestors Today

Listen to a Cafecito Break Flash Back – Our topic : Remembering Your Ancestors

with Rosangel Perez and Curandera/Medicine Woman, Irma StarSpirit

Click the link the follows to listen to our show archive: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/cafecito-break-remembering-y… Love and life should never be taken for granted. tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Let’s pause and honor ourselves, our familia, and our ancestors today.

Some suggestions from Irma Star Spirit for Honoring/Remembering Your Ancestors Today

Create a sacred space/altar of your loved ones… perhaps with some of their trinkets, flowers, always water, perhaps some tobacco and some rum.

Remember your loved one with happiness and grace…

Remember the good times.

Sing to your ancestors…

Put on their favorite music and dance…

Tell them you love them.

Spirit and souls don’t want to be remembered for the tragedy, they want to be remembered with joy.

But please, don’t forget them…