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Rosangel and Ruthie talk to Ola Kudu, Creative Director & Founder of Kokujin Media, Inc, – a boutique digital shop specializing in creative media.

“I am the bridge. The connector. The catalyst. Creating emotional connections through content. Engaging audiences through culture. Blurring the line between art and commerce. Building brands with innovative experiences. Solving problems with creative flair. And smiling while doing it.” Ola Kudu

About: Ola Kudu is an award-winning Creative Director specializing in connecting brands to the passions of their target markets. Kudu has created highly innovative and effective 360 campaigns for brands across multiple mediums: digital, broadcast/cable, print & grassroots. Kudu excels at producing exceptional creative under challenging time & budget limitations, building and leading creative teams, mentoring and developing multidisciplinary talent, and delivering winning creative pitches to both clients and internal corporate stakeholders.

Ola’s specialties include branding, Creative Technology Implementation, producing and design. Ola is the founder of Kokujin Media, Inc. – a boutique shop specializing in creative digital media. It is the message, not the medium that is key. Kokujin Media connects brands to the passions of the global citizen. He is also the Creative Director of Noah’s Arc Foundation, which was founded by Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah and his mother, sculptor and art therapist Cecilia Rodhe. Noah’s Arc Foundation is an organization built on the principle of self-expression and the belief that every child, no matter race, creed, color, nationality, religion or economic standing, needs to be able to express their true self in order to fulfill their dreams.

Ola was Head Creative Director for Global Advertising Strategies and was the VP/Network Creative Director for BET Networks. He has also worked at GlobalHue, Nike/Brand Jordan,, Loud Records, and The Source Magazine. His awards include an Emmy, Cable Positive, NAMIC, Diverse Voices Award and multiple gold PROMAX among several others.

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Feeling Distracted? Triggered? Anxious? There are so many things
seeking our attention and making us feel sick inside. Join Ruthie and
Rosangel for a sistarly coffee break conversation

Healthy Communities begin with us…

Coffee Break Chat includes our thoughts regarding Pokemon Go,

our increasing lack of privacy, learning to talk from the heart,

reasons to be vigilant, and more.

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“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” – Mother Teresa

Cafecito Break Show Notes:

-Checking in, how was your week

-this heavy feeling week

-the importance of creating nourishment time for yourself

-when we deny who we are…

-an invitation to join us on meet up on “the gratitude movement” or
gratitude church or 29 Days of Gratitude (our FB closed group page)

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In this episode Rosangel Perez of Cafecito Break shares simple tips for creating magical moments in your day.  
Hint… sometimes you need to fake it till you make it…

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What if your right time is RIGHT now? 
Show Notes –
Cafecito Updates
Gratitude Reflection – The 11th Hour
The power of using simple language and sentences to communicate
The challenge and fun in learning new words
The role doctors play in our lives
How we can empower ourselves
Main Cafecito Chat – How do you know it’s the right time?  What gets in the way?  Is it selfish to take care of yourself?
Rosangel and Ruthie discuss some Cafecito updates, share personal stories about “the right time” and when to make a decision.

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On today’s Cafecito Break we will discuss Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Social Media. Do images and videos of violence/tragedy have an effect? What can you do? What can we feed our bodies to manage the PTSD?

Listen here… Be a part of the conversation!
Show Summary:
Happy Fathers Day Message
Happy Solstice/Full Moon
Gratitude Prayer for the Sun
The Importance of taking holistic self care breaks
PTSD symptoms and what you can do….
Article referenced:
Rosangel and Ruthie invite you to join us LIVE every Monday Morning via spreaker

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Topic: An Empowering Woman – Jennifer Gutierrez

She is currently the Campaign Manager for Congressional Candidate, Nydia Velazquez and she has a message about voting, education, and our rights…

Jennifer Gutierrez was born in Queens, NY to immigrants parents from Colombia. Both her parents worked in service jobs ranging from bakeries, restaurants, childcare, and housekeeping. They instilled the importance of education and participation as the path to success. With an older sister, Diana Gutierrez, both attended public schools in Queens and Manhattan. Jennifer realized early on what inequity in our school systems felt like when her and a group of friends were vehemently petitioning the school administration to allow Physics as part of the curriculum. Up until that point, the school had only offered the minimal sciences required by the state. Amongst those students advocating for more opportunities, Jennifer realized that long before their protest, their access to the kind of education they wanted for themselves, had already been determined by others.
Jennifer began working at the New York City Council in 2013 for then Council Member Diana Reyna. As the Williamsburg Organizer, Jennifer worked alongside community members and leaders demanding access and justice for housing, healthcare, education, and representation that was transparent. Shortly after, she came on board as the Campaign Manager for the City Council race for Antonio Reynoso. He was up against a 20+ year state incumbent, but with the will of the North Brooklyn Community, he was able to defeat his opponent and currently serves as the Council Member for the 34th District representing Bushwick and Williamsburg in Brooklyn and Ridgewood in Queens.
Today, Jennifer is serving as campaign manager to Congressional candidate Nydia Velazquez running for re-election this June 28th. She was the first Puerto Rican woman elected to the House, was a reformer from early on, and has been coined “La Luchadora”.

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Is a lot of “caca” coming up for you lately? Are you finding it challenging to manage your emotions right now? Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Laurelle Rethke is back with an update on what is happening astrologically and how it may be impacting you now. Plus we also share some brujita recommendations for those of you looking for tips to add calm, coolness, and peace.
About Laurelle – A Personal Spiritual Growth Consultant, Teacher, Speaker, Reverend Vibrational Healing Therapist utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to shift perspectives towards healing and spiritual alignment. Learn more: or contact Laurelle directly at 917.406.0225

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