Free Wifi to be Beamed from Space to Our Earth?

Free wifi… sounds like a good idea?

Well for our modern day to day, it seems like a great idea…

But our bodies do not like this.

wifi is frequency pollution…

wifi is creating a radiation field

wifi is harming our bodies…

Can you imagine wifi being beamed at the entire earth?

What will happen to our bodies?

For those of us who experience the difference between a wifi free zone (AKA nature) and wifi ingested areas…  WE FEEL THE DIFFERENCE…

Our bodies do not like it

and it is harming us in ways that we don’t fully understand yet.

This and more is covered in the interview below.

The Perception Deception…

We at Cafecito Break feel passionate about sharing and talking about the things that are affecting our day to day.

The truth is that many of our freedoms and liberties are under attack and mi gente.

Yes, we know this.  We have always known this….

but do you really know how bad and how deep this deception goes?

At Cafecito Break, we will start sharing videos and posts from sources that are sharing and uncovering information and world truths…

Please note… use discernment.  In lies there is hidden truths…  In sharing truths, there are lies.  But everyone has a bit of information.

So welcome, truth seekers and truth speakers…

let the sharing begin….

See below for a video of Alex Jones and David Icke…

Daily Reading From The Book of Life

April 24th, 2014 – Open The Present
Source: Spiritual Nutrition

Today, we play the 10 of Clubs supported by the King of Spades.

A powerful day to rise to the top and succeed at what you want. But, watch out for an iron will dictating words. Alternatively, watch out for a scurrying, mouse-like fearful energy. Instead, self-authorize today! Step into your own spotlight.

The 10 of Clubs is the energy of abundant mental power. You may find that you have too much energy in your head today. It could be a day of headaches. Alternatively, it’s a day to accomplish many of your tasks. Get things done today. Just don’t over-commit or over-promise.

Yours is the power. Envision it clearly in the light of your consciousness.

Speak out this reality for yourself today: I rise to the top of my to do list. I complete the tasks of my life.

On May 1st, we have our next community coaching call. Viki will be joining us again to offer us guided healing as part of the coaching work.


Daily Reading From The Book of Life

April 23rd, 2014 – Open The Present
Source: Spiritual Nutrition

Today, we play the Jack of Clubs supported by the 7 of Spades.

All kinds of thinking, every which way under the sun.

The Jack of Clubs is the prince of the mind. With his mental prowess, he can make anything sound true. His fierce, independent thinking can rationalize any concept into royalty. It portends for many an argument over words today.

The 7 of Spades is the awareness of all — either connected to it or disconnected from it. It can mean ecstatic experiences or the experience that all is lost: Eureka moments of genius or cynical moments of existential terror.

Put these two patterns together and we’re in for a wild ride of fantasies, delusions and enlightening moments — all in a day’s game.

Speak out this reality for yourself today: I am calm and balanced in the rhythm of my own breath.

And, again, on May 1st, we have our next community coaching call. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the coaching you want.


Daily Reading From The Book of Life

April 22nd, 2014 – Open The Present

Today, we play the Queen of Clubs supported by the 5 of Clubs.

Open your mind to know your own knowings. What wizardry can you discover in yourself today?

Watch out for mean-spirited, sharp-tongued words today. Watch out for impatience. Watch out for a mental overload that makes you neurotic.

The Queen of Clubs is the symbol of all non-rational knowledge. What she knows is beyond logic. She has clairvoyant skills. She’s psychic. And these might be dirty words in your vocabulary. The question is do you trust in yourself what was once labeled as witchcraft? It requires courage to know things that can’t be known by scientific analysis. And, if only we realized how little science really knows.

Use your gift today. Follow your hunches. Listen for the whisper of your intuition.

Speak out this Truth for yourself today: The goddess Sophia, queen of knowledge, is my dear friend.

And, again, on May 1st, we have our next community coaching call.


Transforming the Temple: The BLISS of NOW

La Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez:

For those in the NYC area… We highly recommend this event. Come check out The Perez Sisters at Transforming The Temple… ;-)

Originally posted on The Perez Sisters NYC:

Join The Perez Sisters at This Event…

A Special Health and Wellness Experience

Join Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, in partnership with Entering the Holy of Holies, An Institute of Learning and Healing, Inc.Back to the Middle and New York Sports Acupunture, for this 2nd annual community wellness expo!

With a keynote address by Susan L. Taylor, Founder and CEO of the National CARES mentoring Movement and Editor in Chief Emeritus of Essence Magazine and featuring a vendors market, workshops for adults and children, live demos, and performances – – this special Health and Wellness Expo brings together practitioners, resources, and information about wholistic healing modalities with crucial prescriptions for vibrance, bliss, and balance – now.

With an emphasis on heart and mental health, this dynamic event offers a wide range of opportunities to be more present to the pleasure and possibilities that are unfolding at each moment. The…

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This Sunday… Readings from “Confessions of an Angelic Whore

Originally posted on La Shamanessa:

Blessings Siblings,

This coming Sunday, April 27th, 2014, I will be joining Pleasure Coach, Keila Mellot alongside two other goddesses for unapologetic expression… See below for more information from Keila.  Hope you can join us…

♥Hello Beauty & Welcome to: Readings from Confessions of an Angelic Whore…Women on Canvas & Art Show THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 27th, 8:00-10:00pm…Presented by Kiela’s Cabaret, at WorkShop Theater Company.

Confessions of an Angelic Whore
As many of you know, I have been working on my new one-woman show, Confessions of an Angelic Whore (many different characters unapologetically saying the things a woman’s not suppose to say). This process has been so Powerful, so Juicy, so BOLD, so Tectonic…that I decided to get a few pieces out there Right Now, open it up to & invite some of my closest fellow Pleasure Revolutionary Girlfriends to write & perform THEIR CONFESSIONS, along WITH me. These women (+ the Director & Artist)…

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