Why They Don’t Want You Taking Technology Breaks… Our latest Cafecito Podcast

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Let us adore one another… Love is needed now. 

Tonight, Sweetheart, Let us adore one another. Before there is no more you and no more me… unknown

Let us adore one another. really… truly.

They say that everything is hidden in plain sight…

I believe that the messages we need are always around us. Sometimes we ask the question and we get the answers in multiple ways…

For example, a stranger could be walking by uttering the words you really needed to hear… or sometimes the words are written very clearly such as in the image above that I found on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I believe that we are in a crisis… for love.

So many people in this world.
So many LONELY people.
So many disconnected people.
So many Tech Robots…

I am a recovering Tech Robot… The phone was practically glued to my hand. I had trouble choosing between my email, the text message, the phone call, and the person talking to me.

So now I take tech breaks through out the day. Now set the intention to be present with the people who are directly in front of me.

I don’t wanna keep missing precious moments with people I can’t get back.

I don’t wanna keep missing beautiful smiles, lil gestures, the lil beautiful nuances of a person’s voice.

I don’t wanna regret the “I love you’s” or “Please forgive me”, I didn’t say.
I don’t wanna keep missing moments of closeness.

I don’t wanna be afraid of sharing how I truly feel… so now I wear my heart on my sleeve. Fuck it… It’s scary to be so vulnerable, but it is also liberating.

Lets not die feeling this lonely ache in our hearts …

Let’s adore one another.

with grace

with joy

with compassion

with appreciation

with respect

with honor

with presence

with mindfulness

with acceptance

before this moment is gone…

before its too late

and there is no more me

and no more you…

I love you. – la shamanessa – RA


Find the miracle in this moment…

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle. ~ Paulo Coelho


Love, Sisterhood, Crystals & Cafecito Break…

What is Cafecito Break? Cafecito Break is a podcast produced in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by The Perez Sisters NYC, Rosangel & Alex Perez & Holistic Health Engineer, Ruthie Guten. Empowering the Voice of the Awakening Woman… we are about love, truths, gratitude, living life with passion, honoring the moment, family, community, crystals, expression and living your authentic self…

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-Your Sisters, Rosangel, Alex, & Ruthie

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We Want One Williamsburg… Not Two

“A Tale of Two Williamsburgs

A Tale of Greed

A Tale of Segregation

A Tale of People You Refuse to See… ”  – Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez

The reality is… we are living in two Williamsburgs.  We have extremely affluent people living here and extremely poverty stricken people living here who every day see less options available for them in the home they grew up in and love so much.

We are in a housing crisis and it is going to take “all hands on deck” to figure out a solution that works.

The system is broken… but this is not an excuse to allow this atrocity to continue.  Fair Housing is a right… but it’s feeling more and more like a privilege these days as more and more people cram themselves in an apt to try to “make rent”.  These days so many people can’t even afford to live in an apt.  They are resorting to renting rooms… and this isn’t always an ideal situation.

Are we losing Williamsburg to HIGH MIGHTY REAL ESTATE?

I hope not.

I will stand for my Williamsburg.  I will stand for my home.  I will stand for one Williamsburg.

Shamanessa, Rosangel Perez
Host of Cafecito Break
Community Relations Director for CUFFH (Churches United for Fair Housing)
Member of the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition

ra at city hall

At the steps of City Hall standing with my Williamsburg family of Community Leaders, Local Elected Officials, Organizers, Activists, Supporters, Attorneys raising awareness in regard to the Broadway Triangle.  We stand together for justice, for fair housing, for our homes. We don’t want to live in Two Williamsburgs. We want one Williamsburg… One big familia…

A Tale of Two Williamsburgs… Join us at City Hall tomorrow

When: Thursday, January 15th, 2015
At 10am

What: A Rally/Press Conference to bring awareness to the Broadway Triangle

Where: At City Hall

Who are we: A group of over 40 nonprofit organizations, community residents, activists, advocates, & attorneys for fair housing. Focus- Broadway Triangle Renewal Area

Why – to bring attention to the segregation and the inconsiderate permitting and construction happening on this land.

Our goal – To halt the construction and permitting process at the Broadway Triangle so that we can discuss how the rest of the land that hasn’t been built on, can best be utilized for everyone.

Please support us.
Together we can make strides and help displaced people who are getting ignored.

See below for our official Broadway Triangle Community Coalition Press Release.



The Broadway Triangle Community Coalition will hold a rally/press conference on the steps of City Hall this Thursday, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, January 15th at 10am to demand that the City stop permitting segregated and exclusionary housing in the Broadway Triangle Urban Renewal Area, located at the border of South Williamsburg and Bedford Stuyvesant. The Coalition demands that the Mayor finally take action to reverse these ongoing discriminatory housing practices of the Bloomberg years, end longstanding residential segregation in this area of Brooklyn, and build much more affordable housing that truly benefits all ethnic communities.

The Broadway Triangle is the largest plot of vacant land available for affordable housing in Brooklyn. Fixing this discriminatory rezoning, the subject of a preliminary injunction and years of fair housing litigation, presents an extraordinary opportunity for the De Blasio Administration to put into action its ambitious and much-touted affordable housing plan. Rather than seize this opportunity, however, the Administration has taken no action in the last year. Instead it has repeatedly granted permits for private developers to continue building exclusionary housing for the Hasidic Jewish community, further segregating the Broadway Triangle and wiping out possibilities for integrated and affordable housing. The Coalition demands that this stop immediately.

The Broadway Triangle Community Coalition is a group of over forty nonprofit organizations, community residents, activists and advocates for fair housing from across Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant. In December 2009, the City rezoned the Broadway Triangle from manufacturing to residential. The next day, the Coalition sued the City of New York under federal and local fair housing laws, arguing that the rezoning would have a disparate impact on minority residents and perpetuate residential segregation in an area that has suffered from decades of housing discrimination.

After first obtaining a temporary restraining order, in early January 2012 the State Supreme Court granted the Coalition’s motion for a preliminary injunction, significantly blocking implementation of the City’s plan for the Triangle as violative of the federal Fair Housing Act. Despite the Court’s immensely troubling findings, the Bloomberg Administration permitted private developers to continue building segregated housing. The Coalition has been even further outraged that the De Blasio Administration, despite their hope and expectation to the contrary, has shockingly permitted these discriminatory housing practices to continue. It has failed to take advantage of this lawsuit to correct and redo a discriminatory rezoning, and in the process, begin effectuating its affordable housing vision.

Coalition Chair Juan Ramos declared:

“Mayor, fair housing is our right! This is your chance to break from the past and make the Broadway Triangle your legacy of housing for all. Stop the construction, stop granting permits, and stop allowing discrimination. As a Coalition, we call on the Administration to work with us and our communities to comprehensively, and transparently, plan for integrated, inclusive, and affordable housing for our neighborhoods that so desperately need it. The Broadway Triangle has sat vacant for far too long. The time for the City to act is now.”

The Court challenge of the re-zoning has revealed the extent of residential segregation in North Brooklyn through demographic and census data. Following decades of City-endorsed discrimination in Williamsburg public housing, Williamsburg/Greenpoint (Community District 1) is less than 5% African American, while the adjoining Bedford-Stuyvesant (Community District #3) is over 75% African-American. Flushing Avenue, the border between both neighborhoods, has sadly become a racial barrier. Court testimony of City employees under oath also demonstrated how, in planning this rezoning, City officials did not heed any requirements of the fair housing laws.

In spite of these shocking admissions and court findings, the City has still done nothing to address the Broadway Triangle rezoning and stop the continued discrimination.

Juan Ramos, Chair: 347-254-2413
Shekar Krishnan, Esq., 718-487-2332; 917-679-7107

Thank you,
Rosangel Perez
Host of Cafecito Break
Community Relations Director for CUFFH – Churches United for Fair Housing
Member of the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition

Our email: contact@broadwaytriangle.com
Website: http://www.broadwaytriangle.com/



10 Tips to Add More Beauty to Your life…

Happy New Year… Welcome Cafecito Break’s first podcast of 2015 with your hosts Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten.  Our topic today… “10 tips to add more Beauty to Your Life”

Recorded earlier, we invite you to listen to our latest Cafecito Break Podcast. Please click the link that follows to listen to our show archive: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cafecitobreak/2015/01/05/cafecito-break–10-tips-to-add-more-beauty-in-your-life

10 Tips to Add More Beauty:

  1. Start Your Day with a Thank You.
  2. Set your intention to love:  Give more love and Receive more love.
  3. Smile more. Laugh often. :-D
  4.  Create a “magic me” moment every day where you can indulge, relax, nurture, and nourish yourself without guilt.
  5. Dance one song everyday. Go for a run. Take a kick boxing class… Channel that excess energy in a healthy way.
  6. Clean Up Your Space & Declutter – (For example, clean up at home and at your office.  A cleaner space = a clearer mind)
  7. Give It Purpose or Give it away  (If you’re not using it, consider repurposing it or giving it away to someone who will appreciate or needs it)
  8. Add Natural Fresh Scents to Your Home… .(such as candles made with natural essential oils)
  9. Add a plant or flowers… (This helps change the feel of your home and makes it more inviting)
  10. Add cozy touches to your home… floor cushions, soft lighting, light soothing music are examples of touches that will add gentleness and more warmth to your home.




Cafecito Break – Happy Holy Day Parranda Party

Cafecito Break – Happy Holy Day Parranda Party with Rosangel Perez, Ruthie Guten & Special Guest, Curandera, Irma StarSpirit. Recorded earlier, click the link below and join us in celebrating ourselves, our family, friends, and ancestors in this beautiful moment of now.


About Irma – Irma StarSpirit Woman is a Medicine Woman honoring the ways of the curanderas and Maya medicine elders, a shamanic and Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Toltec Dreamworker, an Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, Founder of the New York Shamanic Healing Circle, and core member of the NY Shamanic Circle for 17 years. A non for profit organization that focuses on maintaining traditional awareness of shamanic healing traditions and ceremonies. Her exploration of shamanic medicine and healing has brought her in contact with wisdom keepers and teachers from around the world places like Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Greenland, Mexico and deeper into North American indigenous studies with Dine, Cherokee and Lakota Elders. http://www.shamanicfirereiki.com/

Learn more about Cafecito Break Producers:

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Ruthie Guten: http://www.ruthieguten.com/

In Need of a Breath – our latest Cafecito Break Podcast


How do we make sense of the Eric Garner Case? So the officer who performed an illegal chokehold was not prosecuted, but the man who shot the video was?

How do we talk to our family and the kids who struggle make sense of the daily injustices we face? Eric Garners last words, “I can’t breathe”, are words many of us resonate with.

Recorded earlier… We invite you to listen to the most powerful Cafecito Break Podcast yet… with Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten with Special Guest, Darryl Aiken-Afam


Darryl Color headshot
About Darryl: Founder of Meridian Touch, “The Art of Letting Go”

Born in Chicago and refined in Brooklyn, Darryl Aiken-Afam has over 25 years experience in the fitness, movement, healing and martial arts worlds. He is an active lecturer on Oriental Medicine & Movement and Meridian Exercise theory, and has spoken at Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Kinesiology Department, and also at various training, fitness and dance centers in the US and abroad.

For more information, please visit, http://www.meridiantouch.com/

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